Monday, June 2, 2008

Windows Small Business SErver 2003 - Chapter 3 - Site REview

Hi - I am harry brelsford, the author of the purple book - and I am posting up a few pages a day so the the whole book is posted by the time SBS 2008 ships. Let me know what you think…my contact information is at
SBS Site Review
Humor me and quickly walk around the site where the SBS 2003 network will be installed and make sure that there is no existing DHCP Server (either another server machine or a router-type device). Suffering from fatigue, I didn’t do this at one of my SBS installations a while ago, and sure enough, it came home to bite me bad. It turns out, as this story goes, the client site (a law firm) was a sublease from a former dot-com enterprise gone dot-bomb. Upon moving in, the law firm used much of the technology equipment, including the DSL router, from the former tenant. It turned out the DSL router, which no one had the password to, was acting as a DHCP server and issuing internal 10.x.x.x network IP addresses to workstations. When installing the SBS server machine, I found this condition violated one of the cardinal laws in SBS land: SBS must be the one and only DHCP server on the network.
So the outcome of all this was that the SBS server didn’t complete its setup. I manually had to add the DHCP Server service and configure the default scope, add the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) and also re-run the SBS Setup Wizard in order for the licensing manager to work properly. (Initially the licensing manager wasn’t accounting for logged off workstations, causing it to reach its limit of ten workstations very quickly.) The lesson learned, even though this was actually with the SBS 2000 release, was that more planning would have prevented this foolish error. My embarrassment is clearly your gain.

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