Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my first time (at a virtual tradeshow)

Hi gang - busy week here. YEsterday our firm distributed 300+ magazines at a busy Boston trade show (D&H New England show) and today we are participating in the MSP Partners virtual tradeshow using the Ziff-Davis engine. It is really cool. We have a booth ont eh tradeshow floor, are getting some great traffic and having some amazing conversations via the CHAT features.

I totall encourage u to check it out if you have never seen one of these before:

(tell harryb sent ya')

My good friend Ken Thoresen is leading a panel discussion at 2pm EDT so HURRY!


harry brelsford | ceo at smb nation |

check out our big fall show in seattle in early october!

Microsoft Small Business Specialist SBSC and darn proud of it

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