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WSS-based Collaboration in Windows small Business Server 2003 (SBS)

Happy Saturday to you. I am posting up a section from Chapter 7 of my book,Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices, here for your consumption.
Today we discuss Windows SharePoint Services and using the platform for internal collaboration.
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Harry Brelsford, ceo at smb nation,
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Intranet Collaboration
This section honors the roots of WSS: both its intranet and collaboration heritage. You will add an announcement to the SPRINGERS Home page, add a Web part, and create a “subweb” page to add financial data from Microsoft Excel. What I hope you’ll draw out from this section is you’ll see the Digital Dashboard roots of WSS. (If you worked with Digital Dashboard, you’ll be right at home with WSS.)
This is simple to accomplish. You will add an announcement to the Home page for SPRINGERS. Perform the following procedure.
1 If necessary, log on as NormH to PRESIDENT with the password Purple3300.
2 Launch Internet Explorer from Start, Internet. The Springer Span­iels Limited Home page appears.
3 Click on the Add new announcement link. The Announcements: New Item page appears.

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1 Complete the following fields. In the Title field, type AKC MVP Awards Announcement! In the Body, type: Great news from the AKC. Our beloved Curtis, Fredrick, and Ross were selected by the judges to be AKC MVP dogs and will join the AKC Hall of Fame. Needless to say, this increases the market value of these dogs sig­nificantly, which is what the MVP award is all about! Congratula­tions to our favorite dogs. Go ahead and play around with the fonts and formatting.
2 Click Save and Close to return to the Home page. Your results should look similar to Figure 7-14.

Figure 7-14
The announcement is all positive for SPRINGERS and the AKC MVP awards.
You’ll now create a subweb. This allows you to build up the WSS site structure into a rich intranet portal. Most commonly, you’ll see a team on a project create a subweb to manage its communication, project-related documents, coordination and so on. It’s a mini-Home page for a specific purpose if you will. You will create a Web Part Page here and then in the next section, add a Web Part.

1 The assumption is you are still logged on as NormH to PRESI­DENT and Internet Explorer is displaying the Springer Spaniels Limited Home page.
2 Click Create.
3 Scroll down to the bottom to Web Pages and click Web Part Page.
4 On the New Web Part Page, type SPRINGERS Cool Stuff in the Name field. Accept the default layout and the location to save. Click Create. The result should look similar to Figure 7-15.

5. Click Home. Figure 7-15
You have created a subweb page to house Web Parts for SPRINGERS.
You will now link the SPRINGERS Cool Stuff page to the Home page. And you’ll link the Breeder1 workspace from earlier in the chapter as well.
The assumption is you are still logged on as NormH to PRESI-DENT and Internet Explorer is displaying the Springer Spaniels Limited Home page.

Visit for the latest updates for any Microsoft product.

1 Click Documents and Links.
2 Select Archived Documents under Document Libraries.
3 Select SPRINGERS Cool Stuff and then carefully highlight and copy (CTRL-C) the URL in the Address field. You’ll need this exact address in a moment.
4 Click Home and then click Add new link under Links on the right side at mid-page.
5 Click in the URL field on the Links: New Item page and paste (CTRL­V). Complete the Description field: SPRINGERS Cool Stuff. Type text in the Notes field if you so desire.
6 Click Save and Close. Observe the new link.
7 You will now repeat the process to create a link for the Breeder1 workspace. This is easy to do by simply clicking Add new link and providing the following URL: http://CompanyWeb/Breeder1. Be sure to type a description for the link, such as Breeding Workspace. Your Springer Spaniels Limited Home page should look similar to Figure 7-16.
8 Test both links.

BEST PRACTICE: Note that the during the Fall 2003 SBS hands-on lab tour, many people confused the Links user interface element for the Links selection in the upper right (which is part of Internet Explorer, not WSS). Please don’t make that mistake here.
Figure 7-16
Linkage baby! Notice the link you created on the lower right side.

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