Thursday, August 14, 2008

RWW Security Summary in SBS 2003

Hello gang - today I have a shorter post-up from my Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best PRactices book - it is a summary of Remote Web Workplace security.


Harry Brelsford, ceo at smb nation,

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RWW Security Summary

Before moving on and looking at Outlook 2003 remote approaches, oblige me and view the following RWW security summary:

• SSL connections required for access to the Web site.

• User authentication required for access to the Web site.

• Log out allows users to close sessions and clear any cached logon credentials.

• Timeout feature automatically closes sessions after a period of inactivity.

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• Public or shared computer mode provides additional safety require­ments in those environments (browser version checking, shorter timeouts).

• Web site is throttled through IIS.

• Web site files are strongly ACL’ed (governed by the Access Control List) to prevent unauthorized editing.

• Remote Desktop connections are encrypted and send only mouse clicks and keystrokes over the connection.

• Reduces or eliminated the need for VPN connections at the business.

BEST PRACTICE: Use the above list as “talking points” when talking about RWW.

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