Sunday, August 3, 2008

Web Parts in Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) in SBS 2003

Yo - the journey continues in Chapter 7 of Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices. Today I am posting up some pages on WEB PARTS in Windows SharePoint cool!
enjoy the day...harrybbbb
Harry Brelsford, ceo at smb nation
Microsoft Small Business Specialist (SBSC), MBA, MCSE and other stuff too (MCT, CNE yadda yadda yadda)
PS - we are hosting a SBS 2008 and Essential Business Server (EBS) 2008 LAUNCH PARTY on October 4th in there!
Web Parts
This is really cool. You’ll add a Web part from Microsoft’s Web part library to the Springer Spaniels Limited Home page in WSS.
1 Logon as Administrator on the SPRINGERS1 machine with the password Husky9999! Launch Internet Explorer from Start, Internet. The Springer Spaniels Limited Home page should be displayed.
2 Also assuming your computer is connected to the Internet, launch another Internet Explorer session (Start, Internet), and browse to (SharePoint Products and Technologies Web Component Direc­tory). I selected Top 5 Components under Component Downloads on the right side. I then selected the Web Part to view RSS Newsfeeds (which can be accessed directly at downloads/components/detail.asp?a=336). Click Download Now and I Agree on the license page (Component Disclaimer) that follows.

Visit for the latest updates for any Microsoft product.
When the File download dialog box appears, save the file (RSSFeedReaderSetup.msi) to My Documents by selecting Save. You will import this Web part into your site in a moment. Click Close.
BEST PRACTICE: Have a pleasure moment and surf around the Microsoft Web Part Gallery. There is some cool stuff here that you’ll likely want to add to your own WSS pages on your real-world SBS networks.
And why did I not take you to the built-in online gallery of Web parts in WSS (from Modify Shared Page, Add Web Parts, Browse)? Because on two SBS 2003 server machines that I built for this section of the book (according to exacting SPRINGERS standards), I found that the online gallery didn’t completely install. Other SBS 2003 server machines I’ve worked with did not have this problem. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why the Web parts install on some machines and not others. Hmmmm. Further discussions with Microsoft resulted in their agreeing to look into this behavior but I have no update to share with you as of press time.
1 Double-click on the Web part - RSSFeedReaderSetup.msi-and install it by clicking Next several times, agreeing to the license and Close.
2 Click on the Modify Shared Page in the upper right of Springer Spaniels Limited Home and select Add Web Part, Browse.
3 Select the Virtual Server Gallery and select RSS FeedReader under Web Part List.
4 Click Add on the lower right. The Web part is added and a RSS FeedReader entry is made on the Home page at the top (you’ll see the end result in a moment). Your result should look similar to Fig­ure 7-17.
5 Click the open the tool pane link under RSS FeedReader. I’m going to have you add a technology news feed but you could cer­tainly go out and find the RSS news feeds of your choosing (even dog breeding news!).
6 Launch another copy of Internet Explorer (Start, Internet) and visit W2KNews at Copy its RSS feed links:

Visit for additional SMB and SBS book, newsletter and conference resources. and http://www.winxp­ and paste into RSS Feed URLs text box on the right side in WSS. Click OK.
9. Enjoy the technology news that will now stream across your screen!
Figure 7-17
Welcome to the wonderful world of Web Parts in WSS. Congratulations on your first implementation. There are hundreds of cool Web Parts out there.
BEST PRACTICE: I’ve now given you enough ammunition to go forth and add real business value on the SBS network. My advice here would be to really learn about all the business-related Web Parts out there and create an Executive Information System (EIS). If you’re not aware, an EIS is a business tool that was popular in the late 1980s for giving executives push button clicking to their financial information. EISes were typically based on the green light, yellow light, red light metaphor. In modern times, the Oracle Small Business Suite, based on NetLedger, is an example of this concept. But not to
Visit for the latest updates for any Microsoft product.
be outdone, you can create a kick-ass EIS in SBS with WSS. Go forth
in the pursuit of profits!


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